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“Pictures that capture memories…”


Having worked as a Photographer and Art teacher for a few years, I can say with a passion,

I love my job!  -  I love how you can capture the moment to treasure forever and how a single picture can bring a memory alive and bring people together... I like the idea that we can keep our memories alive and record the past ... 


I started taking photo's on film, and although my day to day work involves using a digital SLR, I still enjoy using film photography, I feel it goes hand in hand with the romanticiam of the captured moment, having said Im always impatient to see the image so I won't be giving up my digital camera anytime soon.


Photography as a job, is about being part of a team. Firstly I listen to the ideas, then figure out the best way to make them happen and together we create the pictures you want.

I’m always happy to have a chat; I welcome new ideas and concepts.

It’s my aim to get the job right… Exactly as you envisioned it. 






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